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IPS Switchboard - Overview

Integrated Power Systems (IPS) switchboards integrates multiple pieces of equipment into a single assembly.

Features & Benefits

  • All standard switchboard features
  • Lighting panelboards up to 800A
  • Transformers up to 300KVA
  • Half high distribution chassis up to 1200A
  • Individually mounted breakers
  • Auxiliary sections: ACCESS power monitoring, surge protective devices, contactors, relays, time clocks, motor starters & customer equipment

Codes and Standards

  • UL891 -  Dead Front Switchboards
  • NEMA PB-2
  • Seismically qualified
  • Panelboards are built to UL67 & NEMA PB-1
  • Other equipment is UL listed as appropriate

Commonly mounted Equipment

IPS Value

Single Width Module

Double Width Module

Module A

Module B

Module C

Module D

Module E

Module F

Module G

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