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Question: What components are needed to enable communications for the 3VA breaker? 
Answer: To enable Modbus TCP/IP (Default Protocol) at minimum the following is required (more details for each component are provided in this article):

  • 3VA6 (UL) - ETU 5 or 8 Series (Depending on metering capability needs).
  • COM060 – (2 Sizes depending on frame size that fits into the 3VA6 internal accessory pocket).
  • COM100 or COM800 - Data Server for 1 x 3VA6 (Com100) or 2-8 x 3VA6 (Com800).
  • T-Connector to T-Connector - Data Server Cable.
  • 24 VDC Power Supply – (WLSITOP1 – Recommended).
  • Optional Protocols – Modbus RTU, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet IP.


Link to the MCCB Product Catalogue: (All 3VA - Pages 7-46 thru 7-110)  
Catalogue Numbers for the 3VA6 MCCB options from Pages 7-46 thru 7-78.
Catalogue Numbers for the Communication Accessories from Pages 7-101 thru 7-104
Exception of Power Supply (WLSITOP1 – Recommended)

3VA Communications Manual link:  

Powerconfig (free configuration software) link: 

3VA Connecting to Powerconfig video link:

Description and Pictures for Components 1-6 Listed Below:

1. 3VA6 

The 3VA6 pictured below is the ETU5xx, which provides data for overview, current, trips, warnings, maintenance data, and statistics. Metering functionality is expanded with the ETU8xx to provide voltage, power, and energy in addition to what the ETU5xx offers. 

2. COM060 

The COM060 shown below is has several functions which include enabling 3VA line for communications to the T-connector and a means to pass power to the ETU from the Data Server. Two-part numbers are available for the COM060, the correct part number is decided by the frame size of the beaker.

150/250 AMP frames: 3VA9177-0TB10

400/600/800/1000 AMP frames: 3VA9377-0TB10

Note: The COM060 comes with the two items pictured below, when ordered the T-connector and the SLC adapter. Image below is for reference.  

The COM060 part numbers listed above in the table also come with 1 x T-connector. 

3. COM100 or COM800

The data server pictured below has two available models the COM100 (3VA9977-0TA20) and the COM800 (3VA9977-0TA10). The COM100 is used for applications where only one breaker needs communications, the COM800 can be used for 1 and up to 8 breakers for communications. Both the COM100 and COM800 come with two terminating resistors one for the last T-connector and one for the data server. These Data servers provide data natively using Modbus TCP/IP. The data server also needs a 24 VDC Power supply, this power supply provides control power to the Data server and the ETU(s) downstream. 

  • COM100: 3VA9977-0TA20
  • COM800: 3VA9977-0TA10
  • Recommended Power supply: WLSITOP1

4. T-Connector Cable 

Pictured below is the T-connector to T-connector or data server cable. These cables are available in several different lengths, lengths are chosen depending on application. These are not included when ordering a COM60, choose length for application and order separately using part numbers below depending on length. The maximum length between the data server and the last breaker (if using the COM800) cannot exceed 20 meters. 

  • 0.4-meter long 3VA9987-0TC10
  • 1-meter long 3VA9987-0TC20 
  • 2-meter long 3VA9987-0TC30
  • 4-meter long 3VA9987-0TC40

5. 24 VDC Power Supply 

  • 24VDC Power Supply for the COM100/800. 
  • 24 V/3.8 A Stabilized power supply input: 120-230 V AC (DC 110-300 V) output: 24 V DC/3.8 A Restricted output NEC Class 2

6. Optional Protocols – Modbus RTU, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet IP

 Modbus RTU Module- 7KM93000AM000AA0

      Plugin module for the COM100/800 to provide Modbus RTU communications. 
      For Details: 

 PROFINET Module- 7KM93000AE020AA0

      Plugin module for the COM100/800 to provide PROFINET communications. 
      For Details: 

 PROFIBUS Module- 7KM93000AB010AA0

      Plugin module for the COM100/800 to provide PROFIBUS communications. 
      For Details: 

 EIP Protonode Device - US2:PDSBACNET 

      The Protonode is a Protocol converter that has Siemens devices mapping imbedded to cut down on engineering time. 
      The Protonode for the 3VA converts Modbus TCP from the COM100/800 to EIP.     
      Note: 24VDC power supply is needed for this device.   

Communication Overview

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